Chic Picks: Travel Essentials for my Taiwan Trip

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Photography by: Kristin Hashimoto

Flasks: Flasking, Jewelry: Rocksbox, Notepad: Cavallini

Purse: Marc Jacobs, Wallet: Tory Burch, Top: Zara, Bottoms: Joe’s Jeans Else, Flats: Cole Haan

About a year ago, I spent a month exploring Thailand – it was an amazing experience that I still dream about today.  Since then, I’ve had the travel bug and have been itching for another adventure.  Luckily for me, time has been flying – especially with work and all – and this week has finally come!  In a few days, I’ll be in Taiwan for the first time, exploring Taipei, eating lamb skewers and drinking Boba.  In preparation for my trip, I’ve been doing a bit of planning and also packing.  I’m usually a heavy packer, but for this trip, since we’ll be hopping from city to city, I’ve decided to pack just the essentials.  Here, I’ve featured my Day 1 outfit: a basic crop with white jeans and my most comfortable flats by Cole Haan.  I’ll also be bringing along my handy dandy leather backpack by Marc Jacobs to hold a Cavallini travel notepad, my prescription sunglasses (cuz I’m an old lady), my favorite Tory Burch wallet, and my super stylish flasks by Flasking (yes – this is very essential), amongst other things.  The backpack is great because I’ll be able to carry my goodies and have free hands for eating food at the night markets.  =) Anyhoo, enough about me – let me know about your upcoming travels/cool trips in the comment box below.  Would love to hear!  Thanks for reading. =)

**Huge thanks to Flasking for these beautiful flasks – I’m beyond excited to use them on my trip.  They’re intricately designed, super portable and surprisingly suit well as a fashion accessory for a night-out.  When you have a chance check out Flasking and their unique and limited-edition flasks, handcrafted by artists.  A couple more of my favorites are here and here.  =)