OOTD: F21 Blush Pink Blazer + Beaded Crop + White Jeans

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 Photography by Lisha Wang

Makeup by Steph Dong

Blazer: Forever21 (similar here), Crop top: Nordstroms, Purse: Ann Taylor, Pants: Joe’s Jeans, Shoes: Forever21 (old)

Accessorized by Rocksbox

Long time, no blog! – it has been quite a while since my last post.  It’s been so long, I feel like I’ve kind of forgotten how to write.  These days, the most writing I do is for emails, talking about numbers and excel spreadsheets (fun.), or for Gchats with a lot of wsup’s, LMAO’s and other short-hand words.  I miss those times in school, where we were forced to write an essay or those days in journalism where we would find interesting stories to tell – writing seemed more effortless.  This is one of the reasons why I’ve created some outlets to write creatively or to simply write my thoughts – my diary at home, and here at Colors of Chic.  Gotta keep the juices flowing!

Besides work and not writing here as much as I’d like to, I’ve really been focusing on trying to do things that make me healthy, happy, and more well-rounded in terms of learning about the world or other cultures.  In terms of being healthy, I’ve set rough goals on eating out less, working out more, using my standup desk, and avoiding the weekly desserts at work.  By rough, I mean there’s not an exact number nor timeframe, but more of a mindset to work towards improving little by little.  Secondly, I’ve been working on being happy – this should be so simple, but sometimes we let silly things get in the way, like comparing ourselves to others, caring what other people think, being too hard on ourselves.  Recently, I’ve set aside more time to self-reflect: to re-evaluate where my passions lie and what my values are as well as to revisit my personal goals and dreams.  I feel like everyone needs to do this once in a while to reenergize.  The last bit of what I’ve been up to is traveling and exploring!!!  In the past few months, I’ve spent a couple weeks on the east coast, I’ve gone hiking in Yosemite, wined it up in Healdsburg, went horseback riding on Bodega Bay, road tripped to LA, went on my first Euro trip to Spain and Portugal and last but not least, chilled at the beautiful beaches in Oahu.  It’s really been a blast checking out new places, new foods and new faces – I can’t wait to plan my next trip!  Though I obviously haven’t gotten rid of my travel bug, being away has also brought me closer to home.  I missed HOME!  And now that I am at home, I can FINALLY write and present you this weeks outfit, photographed at one of my fave sites, Bernal Heights in San Francisco!

A few notes on the outfit: As you know, I’m all about earth tones and my favorite color right now is this blush pink.  When I saw this oversized blazer at Forever21, you know I had to snag it.  I love how easy the blush pink pairs with olives and whites, and how it creates a super clean look.  I accessorized with my monthly set from Rocksbox – overall, so happy with what I received.  I love jewelry that’s very delicate and light looking.  Perfecto!